Additional Services

Additional Services
Looking for something unique or different? I’m happy to offer a variety of additional services. Here’s a list with short descriptions. If you don’t immediately see what you’re searching for, please feel free to ask. I’ll help you find the right fit!

Psychic Tarot Reading
I will help you see a clear path forward. Prepare a list of questions in advance, and gain valuable overall insights about career, finances, health, lifestyle, relationships, romance, spiritual development — even the potential surrounding future events — giving you better insight into your current circumstances so you can make more empowered decisions.

Angel Card Reading
I will connect you with your angels and spirit guides to receive daily guidance, soul inspiration and practical solutions to life’s everyday questions. Learn more about your soul’s purpose and discover your inner truth. Become acquainted with your spirit team, and feel inspired to safely explore your psychic and spiritual gifts. Come prepared with questions, and leave knowing which steps to take next.

Animal Communication
I will assist with communication between you and your pet, in order to relay specific information regarding diet and nutrition; exercise; anxiety and depression; and supplemental recommendations. I will suggest measures that will make your pet feel happier, more comfortable or simply at ease. Alternatively, I will offer my assistance to pet owners searching for a lost pet. As a medium, I will connect you with the soul of your pet who has passed away.

House Blessing/Space Clearing
I will clear your home or office space with a combination of intention, prayer, energy healing techniques and sage. Your space will be free of negativity or “stuck” stagnant energy. I will usher any “ghosts” or lost spirits to the Light on the Other Side; or, in some cases, communicate with any friendly spirits who wish to remain and watch over you or your space.

Telepathic Intuitive Reading
I will bridge communication between you and an individual who is in a verbally non-communicative state — or a person whose ability to communicate or whose cognitive state is altered or impaired. Examples include: a person who suffers from a coma; a person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, amnesia, or severe cases of autism; a person who is deaf/mute, and simply needs help clarifying; an unborn child in utero.

Missing Persons/Private Investigations
I will offer my assistance to individuals seeking help with missing persons cases or unresolved cases. You’ll receive advice, answers, healing and hope — ultimately the closure and peace of mind needed for you to move forward.

Distance Healing
Distance or “remote” healing is individualized, focused intention, prayer, and energy healing techniques directed toward an individual who would benefit from physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing. I offer distance healing for any person or pet at a reduced rate.

75 Min. Reading Or Service —

To schedule an appointment, please contact me directly: call/text 781-470-9865 or email In-person or remote (via Zoom or phone) sessions are available most weekdays and weekends. Sessions are appropriate for everyone — adults and children — and may be purchased for yourself or for another person. PayPal and Venmo are acceptable forms of payment.

*An additional fee will be applied to in-person meetings which require my driving to any site located more than 10 miles from my home, in Scituate, Mass., in order to cover driving expenses (gas).

Are you looking to explore your own psychic and intuitive abilities? Or, are you looking to explore your own energy healing abilities? If so, I invite you to consider attending the Psychic Development Circle; the Reiki Share or Reiki Clinic; or inquiring about private coaching sessions.