Psychic Development Circle

Psychic Development Circle

Next Date & Time TBD
66 Turner Road, Scituate
$25 per registrantPsychic Development Circle 2-11

Join me in Circle to explore an often overlooked area of personal development — the expansion of your natural psychic and intuitive abilities!

We will begin with a guided meditation designed to enhance your abilities and open your energy field to receiving positive messages from Spirit. These messages can come in the form of thoughts (words, colors and pictures) and feelings (emotions and physical sensations).

Through a variety of group exercises — to be followed by individual exercises for deepening your personal practice at home (Yes, homework!) — you will build your personal toolkit of psychic and intuitive “hits,” and quickly recognize what each symbolizes for you.

In time, you will learn to discern their origins — messages from Higher Self or Spirit vs. thoughts from your mind — and build trust in both your abilities and your personal Spirit Team.

As your desire for personal development deepens, along with a little dedication and self-discipline, so does the connection between your Spirit and the Spirit World!

Instruction will include how to:
· Read energy
· Receive and give messages
· Work with Spirit Guides and ancestors
· Manage the lines of communication
· Open yourself to energy work
· Strengthen your auric field

Group exercises will explore how to:
· Read auras and chakras (clairvoyance)
· Develop quick and efficient internal hearing (clairaudience, telepathy)
· Communicate with departed family members, friends and pets
(mediumship, animal communication)
· Receive messages from Higher Beings of Light (channeling)
· Interpret information from photos/objects (psychometry)
· Perceive information about future events (precognition)

This Circle is open to everyone. Encouragement, direction and constructive feedback will be offered to each person.

Please consider joining me in this unique opportunity for growth, healing, and personal and collective connection!

This is a recurring event; we welcome all individuals, from past participants to the general public. The cost is $25 upon arrival, or beforehand via PayPal or Venmo. Bring a pen, a journal and a bottle of water.

Participants must register in advance by calling or texting 781-470-9865 or by emailing

Contact me at the above email address for directions to my home in Scituate or for any other additional information.


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