“This Goddess Circle was both supportive and inspiring! What a lovely way to meet new friends. This was my second Circle and, again, I came away with new understanding of myself and others! When we first meet new people we are influenced by superficial impressions … but a meeting like this connects us at a much deeper level and reminds us that we should never ‘judge a book by its cover!’ Ellen helps each participant to move forward with suggestions for growth and self-awareness! I am grateful for the openness and non-judgemental acceptance from other women who have all been through their own journeys of pain, grief and growth!”
— Sandy, Marshfield, Mass.

“Saturday night was extraordinary. It filled me with LOVE and LIGHT. I was so taken by the way you facilitated the gift of opening hearts amongst strangers without the fear of judgement. I look forward to the next Goddess gathering. Thank you so much.”
— Cheryl, Boston, Mass.

“Ellen, the Reiki Share yesterday was incredible! I feel so much more relaxed and at peace today. There is something magical about like-minded women getting together for the purpose of giving and receiving Reiki. The way you do your Reiki Share is so unique and welcoming. It is a great place for someone to start out their Reiki practice or for someone seasoned to experience something new. Love it! Thank you!”
— Judi, Scituate, Mass.

“Thank you so much for the amazing Goddess Circle! I have always been able to read energy but seeing you and your gifts just blew me away. I found your Circle to be empowering and validating. It’s the perfect way to regroup and get in touch with the inner goddess we all have inside us. I left feeling energized and positive. I look forward to attending another session soon. I believe you can help me with my healing process. I believe in what you do and feel you can help a lot of people heal.”
— Elizabeth, Scituate, Mass.

“All the women in the Goddess group were sensational and a joy to be with. Each person had something different to share, and we all benefited from the compassionate and insightful advice we were given. There is always a reason why we find ourselves together.”
— Susan, Scituate, Mass.

“Once again, the Saturday night Goddess Circle was so potent and hopeful. So many things that came up the other night — whether around me personally or concerning others’ situations — resonated and gave me clarity. I so enjoy the women in the group and appreciated the small size the other night. Thank you for providing this space for us all.”
— Kim, Scituate, Mass.

“I want to thank Ellen for sharing her expertise today at a Reiki Share with a group of ladies. I have had only one individual Reiki session prior to today. I am not Reiki certified but am a devoted yogini who loves to work with energy, specific to the chakras. All week I have been teaching about the sacral chakra (2nd chakra) in my classes through asana and mantras. Ellen did not know this prior to my attending this group. However, her intuitive nature guided us all through a beautiful opening meditation that brought attention and detail to the sacral chakra. It is not a coincidence that we were all together today and were aligned energetically. Ellen is a skilled Reiki Master and Medium whom I admire, and I look forward to gathering together in the future to harness my personal energy through her.”
— Amber, Marshfield, Mass.

“The Holiday Essential Oils Party was a very good time, full of practical healing wisdom. And as for the Reiki Share, thank you, Ellen, for hosting this beautiful event. A great time for recharging and balancing our early winter batteries.”
— Mary, Marshfield, Mass.

“Had such an amazing time at the Holiday Essential Oils Party; good to see you both and meet new people! Thank you, Ellen and Elizabeth, for all your information and inspiration.”
— McKenzie, Kingston, Mass.

“Thank you, again, for the Reiki session! I really appreciate your words of wisdom and kind heart. I actually feel a bit lighter since I came to you.”
— Mary Beth, Scituate, Mass.

“Ellen’s light-filled advice brightens my outlook and illuminates the path ahead for me. She has a deep well of understanding, and her comments and suggestions are always divinely inspired and amazingly practical. I feel better about myself and stronger in my ability to create the life I love, after I consult with Ellen.”
— Lauren, Hull, Mass.

“I am so very thankful to have found Ellen when I did. She has helped me to grow as a human being. She doesn’t just do readings — she gives you her heart and spirit. I acknowledge that she has become a positive support to my well-being. Her words have not only taught me about my past, present and future — but have inspired me to keep moving forward with hope and positivism in mind. I thank her with all my being.”
— Adriana, Anaheim, Calif.

“Ellen’s insights and messages were not only very healing, they were encouraging and spot-on. These messages have inspired me to start a new journey in my life with a Reiki practice, and have given me an understanding of the connection of mind-body-spirit energy that flows through us all. It was comforting to hear from my loved ones and know they’re still with me. She’s got an amazing gift to share.”
— Amy, Cumberland, Iowa

“Ellen offered me guidance — true life things — which I implemented into my life and, as a result, have helped to strengthen my faith. I have found strength, guidance and hope in Ellen’s talents — she’s truly been blessed with this gift!”
— Michelle, Des Moines, Iowa

“I met Ellen while at a local playground where our children were playing together. We talked, and I gravitated toward her kindness, honesty and gentleness. Ellen and I have amazing readings. I cry at almost every reading because they are very accurate. The detail she shares has brought me so much joy, relief — and I have finally been able to forgive myself for some things that happened years ago. Ellen is truly gifted!”
— Marissa, Weymouth, Mass.

“I asked Ellen for a reading because I wanted some guidance with my career path. Ellen has a very welcoming and warm spirit. I was blown away by how easily the messages came to her and how on-point they were. Ellen was able to give me practical advice and different tools to help me deal with work stress, as well as overall guidance about my career. I am very thankful she shared her gift with me.”
— Carly, Scituate, Mass.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when first meeting Ellen for a reading. Ellen has a very relaxed, easy way about her which put me at ease and helped me to receive the messages I needed at the time. I can truly say that Ellen opened my eyes to the presence of angels all around us — and that if we ask for their help, they are more than willing to assist.”
— Jen, Scituate, Mass.

“I requested Ellen’s help to cleanse my home and office space. I wanted to have a positive and fresh new year; I wanted it to be free of negative energy. I was so glad I did! Ellen was very nice, calm, thorough, and she answered all my questions. I immediately felt better about our spaces, I breathed better, the air was fresher, and all my anxiety and uneasiness about my new office space just vanished. I trusted Ellen and her messages. She was full of positivity. I will seek her help again.”
— Sally, Braintree, Mass.

“Thank you, Ellen, for a truly wonderful experience. You have an amazing gift that brought me a sense of peace and comfort. Also, a feeling of motivation, both physically and spiritually. I hope to take with me the helpful information you provided and apply it for a better sense of well-being.”
— Susan, Scituate, Mass.

“Ellen has done a few readings for me. Sometimes things were a little hard to hear, but they needed to be heard and understood in order for me to move forward on my spiritual path. The messages she gives are truly divine. They are very detailed and healing in their own right. Ellen is very gifted, and we are very fortunate to be on the receiving end of that.”
— Maria, Cape Cod, Mass.

“Ellen was open to receiving all of my questions and concerns, and provided some genuinely interesting and pointed feedback. Since our reading, I have pursued new paths — making some of the most serious decisions of my life. I am often reminded of meeting with Ellen and find a greater confidence in those decisions, thanks to her. Ellen is open, patient and kind. I look forward to meeting with her, again, to learn more about myself and the path I’m on.”
— Emily, Scituate, Mass.

“I have known Ellen for several years and have had the pleasure of watching her gifts develop. Ellen’s ability to connect with spirit and the divine brings forth messages to those seeking guidance. Her positive energy and vibration are contagious and benefit all whom she works with.”
— Niki, Cohasset, Mass.