Available Services

I’m so thrilled to offer a variety of readings and energy healing sessions, which are available in person or remotely (via Zoom or phone). Here’s a quick overview of my services — please click on the links below for their detailed descriptions.

Mediumship Reading
Give yourself the the healing gift of mediumship, and give back to your loved ones in spirit on the Other Side …

Medical Intuitive Reading
Medical intuition tunes into a problem — with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or social symptoms — and peels back hidden layers to discover the true root of the problem …

Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki removes energy blockages, supports the immune system, increases vitality, and promotes spiritual growth and emotional balance …

Additional Services
Looking for something unique or different? Here’s a list of additional services with short descriptions. Or feel free to ask — and I’ll help you find the right fit!

Private Coaching
Would you like to develop your own psychic and intuitive abilities? Have you wanted to learn more about self-healing, identify healing pathways for others, or offer energy healing to others?