Medical Intuitive Reading
Medical intuition tunes into a problem — with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or social symptoms — and peels back hidden layers to discover the true root of the problem. A gentle exploration of what lies within quickly links cause to effect; also taking into account the influence of external conditions and environmental factors. Once uncovered, nonproductive belief systems — like feeling unworthy or unloved — are dislodged and begin to melt away. A blend of intuition, spiritual sight, wisdom, and experience ignites a healing process which spans across all levels of your personal and collective awareness — from conscious to subconscious — and manifests at the level of improved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health and well-being. A variety of foods, supplements and self-healing techniques will be recommended; guiding you down a path toward restored health and happiness. Expect to feel lighter, relieved and supported; plus, armed with information and motivated to take the first step toward recovery.

Medical Intuitive Analysis —
$100 for 60 Min.


Reiki Energy Healing
Experience the hands-on healing energy of Reiki, and step into the flow of universal life-force energy. Reiki removes energy blockages, supports the immune system, increases vitality, and promotes spiritual growth and emotional balance. It supports and accelerates the body’s own natural ability to heal, helping alleviate pain and relieving other dis-ease like symptoms while cleansing the body of toxins. Enjoy a healthy mind and body, and an improved state of equilibrium! Reiki is effective across all levels of personal and collective awareness — from conscious to subconscious — helping you to pave an empowered path toward self-healing and personal growth. A series of Reiki energy healing sessions is strongly encouraged.

Reiki Energy Healing Session —
$40 for 30 Min. / $75 for 60 Min.


Common Conditions
Autoimmune disease
Bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens
Chronic pain
Depression and anxiety
Emotional instability
Grief and loss
Heavy metal toxicity
Hormonal imbalances
Improperly coded DNA
Loss of connection (personal and collective)
Low self-esteem
Lyme disease
PTSD (trauma)
Thyroid disorders
Weight gain or loss


I am not a licensed medical doctor; I do not diagnose or treat disease; and my services do not replace or substitute medical services.