Medical Intuitive Reading

Medical Intuitive Reading
Medical intuition tunes into a problem — with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or social symptoms — and peels back hidden layers to discover the true root of the problem. A gentle exploration of what lies within quickly links cause to effect; also taking into account the influence of external conditions and environmental factors. Once uncovered, nonproductive belief systems — like feeling unworthy or unloved — are dislodged and begin to melt away. A blend of intuition, spiritual sight, wisdom, and experience ignites a healing process which spans across all levels of your personal and collective awareness — from conscious to subconscious — and manifests at the level of improved physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health and well-being. A variety of foods, energetic remedies, holistic therapies, and self-healing techniques will be recommended; guiding you down a path toward restored health and happiness. Expect to feel lighter, relieved and supported; plus, armed with information and motivated to take the first step toward recovery.

Common Conditions
autoimmune disease · chronic illness, aches and pains · fatigue, low energy · inflammation · food sensitivities · mystery symptoms · family/inherited DNA, patterns, trauma · repetitive thoughts, nonproductive behaviors · low self-esteem · loss of connection (personal and collective) · feelings of anxiety and depression · blocked feelings and emotions, unidentifiable stressors · obsessive fears, preoccupations, uncertainty · extended bouts of grief · extreme emotional or energetic sensitivity · unexplained spiritual experiences, spiritual crisis · sensing a change in path, or life’s purpose · stuck energy; difficulty moving forward

75 Min. Reading —

To schedule an appointment, please contact me directly: call/text 781-470-9865 or email In-person or remote (via Zoom or phone) readings are available most weekdays and weekends. Readings are appropriate for everyone — adults and children — and may be purchased for yourself or for another person. PayPal and Venmo are acceptable forms of payment.

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