Reiki Share

Open Reiki Share & Support Group

Next Time & Date TBD
66 Turner Road, Scituate
$10 per registrant

Come experience the universal healing energy of Reiki! You’re invited to participate in both giving and receiving Reiki energy in a supportive and nurturing environment.

What Is Reiki?
· Reiki is a gentle, natural and safe energy healing technique. Reiki helps to cleanse, balance, and restore on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Some benefits of Reiki include relaxation, stress relief, reduced aches and pains, immune system support, and better sleep.

What Is A Reiki Share?
· A Reiki Share is an organized event, hosted by one or more Reiki Teachers, which serves as an opportunity to practice and learn about Reiki, and provides a focal point for ongoing contact and support.

Who May Attend?
· Everyone is welcome at a Reiki Share, including Reiki Practitioners (all levels) and the general public. No experience is necessary to attend.

· For those who are new to Reiki with no previous experience, the Reiki Share will introduce how Reiki works, as well as provide the opportunity to try giving and receiving Reiki.

· For those who are Reiki Practitioners (all levels), a Reiki Share provides an opportunity to meet like-minded people and to discuss their experiences of training in Reiki — plus build knowledge, confidence, and experience in giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

What To Expect
· We will begin with group introductions and an explanation about Reiki energy, encouraging participants to ask questions.

· During a brief group meditation, the Reiki Teacher will perform an Open Attunement — designed to strengthen the energy flow for current practitioners, or to act as a temporary connection to the energy flow for the non-practitioner.

· Reiki energy sessions will follow, consisting of one person who receives Reiki, while the other group participants give Reiki. When one session has finished, another will begin; the rotation will continue until each person has received Reiki. We will provide time for discussion between sessions.

Participants must register in advance by emailing or by calling 781-378-2036.

Contact me at the above email address for directions to my home in Scituate or for any other additional information.