“Have Faith, Be Patient, Persevere, And Trust”

“Rest assured, you are in good company. Have faith. Be patient. Persevere. Resist not your faith, your friends [the angels], but instead persist in servitude. Walk tall, sit up straight, drink water, reflect on your past with peace and forgiveness. Allow yourself time to trust, to grow in commitment, in love, in fervor. Be at peace with the actions (steps) you have taken, and have faith that they were strides made in purpose. Necessary for your development, and in favor with God, the highest host, who reigns in heaven and on earth. Be persistent in developing patience, willingness. Let go of preconceptions about yourself and others. Remain faithful to your dreams, your endeavors, for they help propel you forward, and advance. Remain poised to accept our assistance; trust, and be open to God’s favor. He is love.”

— Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Ellen on 5-8-13

“Ask For Healing”

When I first began channeling Archangel Raphael, he asked me to recite this invocation in the evening while preparing for bedtime. “Dearest Archangel Raphael, please come to me in my sleep tonight and heal me — body, mind and soul. Amen.” I’ve followed his advice and made it a regular practice to ask for his assistance. I awaken feeling relaxed and refreshed!