The Goddess Circle

New Moon Goddess Circle

Next Date & Time TBD
66 Turner Road, Scituate
$20 per registrant

IP Goddess Circle 4-30

The Goddess Emerges …
Merge — Then Emerge — With Your Inner Goddess

You are invited to a fun night of self-discovery! Join me as I connect you with the voice of your Inner Goddess — your Self, your Soul and, ultimately, the Source of All Creation.

· Receive self-empowering messages of love, encouragement and advice — with extraordinary relevance for everyday application.
· Gain new perspective, understanding and clarity — plus the motivation to create new or refreshed self-directed goals.
· Know which steps will lead you toward a life full of creativity, spontaneity and joy — and a greater sense of connection to the larger forces within each of us.

We will begin with a short meditation to raise the group’s energy, inviting the universal energies of the Collective Consciousness to join with us on this special occasion — and fully merge with the Source of All That Is.

I will use a combination of Mediumship and Channeling to connect with your Soul on a deep spiritual level — encouraging your Inner Goddess to fully emerge — and convey personal messages of love, inspiration and guidance.

A select number of the most relevant messages will be delivered to individuals within the group; while all attendees are encouraged to engage through active listening, sharing and group discussion. Time throughout will be devoted to self-reflection and journaling.

Witness the magic of soul communication! As you get to know your Self, you’ll get to know others — as we are all One. Soul messaging is reciprocal and amazingly relevant to everyone present. Listen to the guidance that is given — even the messages for another participant — and you will, without a doubt, benefit from the wisdom of Source Love.

The New Moon in Taurus will provide a safe, nurturing environment for spiritual dialog among like-minded women who seek authentic connection and community; to support and be supported, to give and receive. Tap into the deep well of your Womb Wisdom, and quench your desire to experience life in creative new ways — in restored energetic balance — to improve your overall health and well-being, to enhance the quality of your relationships, to expand your personal sense of direction, and to find greater empowerment in the choices you make on an everyday basis.

We will conclude once the Collective energy begins to fade.

This Goddess Circle group has limited availability. Please reserve your spot today!

This is a recurring event, in its eighth year; we welcome all women (and those who identify as such), from past participants to the general public.

We will gather outside around the fire pit, if weather permits; and indoors in the case of inclement weather.

The cost is $20 upon arrival. Bring a pen, a journal, a bottle of water, and a beach chair; and, if you wish, a small snack for sharing.

Participants must register in advance by calling or texting 781-470-9865 or by emailing

Contact me at the above email address for directions to my home in Scituate or for any other additional information.

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